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Hope everyone is enjoying beautiful weather like we are. Sat. was great and Sun. was a little cloudy but today was beautiful. I've gotten some yard work done. Does that count as exercise? It will have to because it's as close as I've been lately.

Peggy- sound like classes are keeping you busy. You will be so glad when you've finished. It will be worth it. If I have talked about classes here, it's probably one I teach at church. I teach a Divorce class for those going thru divorce. Each one last 13 weeks and they really wring me out. I have one more session in this class and I am ready for a break. I am also an elementary librarian at a small school here. I am retired but back working part-time. I love it and being just 3 days a week, I consider it perfect.

Tomorrow night I WI. I didn't go last week so I will have to lose 2 lbs. to keep up with our lb. a week. I've been pretty good except I just haven't exercised. I've got to make time to do that. It is so hard for me. I guess I'm lazy. No guess!! I am lazy.

Where is everyone? Come back girls. We need support.
Later, Carolyn
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