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All the time, I love food, I love the taste of food, I never want my serving to be done. I can keep eating even when I am full. Fighting those two things 1) loving food 2) being able to eat past full have been two areas I have really focused on during my weight loss journey.

Although I dipped into very low calorie diets in the past, during this weight loss I stayed around 1400-1600, that allowed me to successfully lose weight without being too hungry. I ate lots of small meals/snacks during the day, so even if I did get hungry, I knew I would be eating again soon. I carefully measure all foods, since my eyeballs can not be trusted (particularly rice, couscous, pasta, nuts, trailmix, dried fruit, cold cereal, granola).

You might be interested in reading Mindless Eating, I found it absolutely fascinating. According to one of the studies from the author, most people don't stop eating when they are full, they stop eating when the plate is empty. That was like a lightning bolt moment for me - I do that very thing!! Now, I am careful to only put on my plate (in my tupperware, in my snack baggie) what I want to eat.

I find I feel less bingy/deprived when I eat foods with powerful nutritional properties, high fiber, fruits, vegetables, lean protein, healthy fat. I am rarely satisfied with processed foods like crackers, pretzels, 100 calorie snack packs, sugar free this or that, fat free this or that. Eating real, whole foods really helped me stay satisfied during this go-around.

It is my personal theory (I am not a doctor/nutritionist) that I was always so RESTLESS (looking in the frig, the cabinets,munching, munching) because my body was endlessly searching for nutrition that I needed. Now that I eat so well, I don't do that anymore. Considering how many refrigerator light bulbs I must have burned out over the years, staring at the's kinda miraculous.

If you are truly still hungry tonight after eating 1500 calories during the day (not bored, but really really hungry) you should have a little snack. Frozen dark cherries are perfect for a 100 calorie sweet, satisfying bite.
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