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I am insulin resistant and have removed all corn or corn products from my diet...however, corn is not the only food I must avoid. I also must avoid all white pasta, white bread, white rice...etc etc and I limit my fruits. I only eat whole grains and I everything I eat is accompanied with a serving of protein. I've copied a portion of an excellent article on insulin resistance that explains why I avoid corn and refined grains.

"These foods require little digestion and get absorbed all at once and all too rapidly into the bloodstream. This sugary food consumption shocks the body and alarms your whole system. "Get rid of it!! Out rushes the insulin, made by your pancreas for this reason and knocks out every bit of glucose and quickly stores it as fat. (The body does store sugar as gylcogen in the liver and muscles, but there is just so much it can store before it has to store it as fat cells.)

As a result of this the blood sugar level becomes unstable. The blood sugar level drops.

At this point, people tend to reach for more refined carbohydrates, and the cycle continues. The more you eat, the more you sugar in the blood, the more insulin takes it out of the blood and over time, the insulin gets less effective. This is what is known as insulin resistance."

Not only is weight gain a concern with insulin resistance, but this condition can also lead to Type II diabetes. I also read another article not too long ago that indicates that many many overweight people have insulin resistance and aren't even aware of the condition. Also, many women who are in perimenopause or in full menopause develop this condition.
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