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I hear ya Mug! I'm fitting into some tight 18's, some 20's at cheaper stores and it's SO hard to find the right sizes and then trying to find something that looks nice is even harder. Does anyone remember some years back when the ONLY thing in the Walmart store for plus sized females was Disney and Bugs Bunny T-shirts--SERIOUSLY that's all they had!

Can I tell u all about an awful shopping experience I had years ago? I had just met my future husband and he took me out of town for a Dr's appointment. We were comming home and my period started. Of course I was wearing beige pants and had bled all through them. Wouldn't of been that big of a deal but I had to dress up for work that day. Well, I called work and told them I'd be a little last, see that pair of pants was the only dress pants I could fit into so I had to go to the store and pick up a new pair. I figured I'd be maybe an hour late for work--guess what. . . .it took me between 2.5 - 3 hrs to find a pair of pants that would fit. At the time I was wearing a very tight size 28 and it was before Fashion Bug, etc. had the extended plus size section. Of course I had period bloat too. I remember crying in front of my future husband who I had only met two weeks prior and pouring my heart out to him about how awful the whole situation was that I couldn't find a pair of pants. I went to 4 different stores before I found a pair of pants that would fit. They were hideous! I remember I could barely fasten the button and it looked like it was going to pop off at any minute.

Even more mortifying I had told my supervisor over the phone I'd be late because of my period starting and then when I was much later than I thought I'd be I then had to explain that I was so fat that it took me much longer than anticipated. I was so dumb, I should have just called off work!!!!

Bad memories like that do keep me motivated though to stick w/what I'm doing now. Keep your chin up and don't give up. In the end it'll all be worth it Mug!!!!!

Goal as of 03/09/15: Get under 200lbs

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