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Default Playing the Sabatoging Self Game

Lately I have been losing weight, then gaining weight, then losing again. Thank You God for tomorrows. I have come to the conclusion I am just going to struggle on weekends. This weekend I put on two pounds. I just have to accept that weekends are going to be harder to deal with cause you are home all day and have access to all the food you want.

I think I may try to plan out every single meal for me on the weekends. I have trouble cause the weekend is when I go grocery shopping and load up for the weeks meals. My hubby always wants to go out to eat too, which is very hard. plan for this weekend is to have by Friday night a plan ready for Saturday and Sunday. To have breakfast, lunch, and dinner planned out for each day, and stick to it COMPLETELY. I think maybe giving myself so much 'freedom' to snack and graze all day is doing it. Get up eat breakfast and stop eating! Have lunch around 1:00 and stop eating! Wait till around 5:00 have dinner and STOP EATING DAMNIT!

That's the plan. Now to eat on plan and exercise every day this week to undo the frigging fracking two pound gain from this weekend.

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