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I kind of do my own thing, adapting when things get stagnant or as my lifestyle changes.

My first attempt was through Overeaters Anonymous HOW program, which is extremely regimented and requires a nutritionist plan. I lost 30 pounds, but couldn't stand the overly regimented practice and quit, gaining back the 30 plus an additional 30. I liked the nutritional plan, though, which focused on complex carbs and lots of vegetables. When I recovered from the HOW program, I returned to that nutritional plan and modified it to meet my needs.

When I began to take weight loss more seriously I put a Mediterranean spin on things (unsaturated fats, seafood). That eventually evolved into a Superfoods/whole foods approach. When my son moved out, I found that I didn't like cooking at home so much for one person, so I added in a few more processed foods and began more of a calorie-counting approach.

That's basically where I am right now. I stick to roughly 1800 calories a day, trying to make sure to get in four servings of vegetables daily. I make sure that most of my grains have 2g fiber per every 15g carbs. Oh yeah, and I try to only eat meat a few times a week.

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