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I ran a bit today I went 1 mile at 5 MPH not bad slower and shorter till I am all better. I love the elliptical!! I am sure that you could do it some time. I have been working on the machine for quitte a whiel almost a yeat so I still want to do the running so i will slowly do more till i can get back to do it. I know not to push too hard or i will end up with an injury.

I will not even talk diet today. so do not even ask!! LOL I did a killer lower body workout yesterday and a great upperbody again today (different muscles) back and tris and gut!!!

LK when you do your workout do what the BFL book recomends

alternate days for your cardio and weights
severel exercises for your upper body one day then the next weight day the lowerbody. and it is very intensive and very hard and you work out and you feel it!!!! any question s melody is doing it I also have done it but am doing a modified version. (as i work with a trainer i need to follow his recommendation when we work togeter)

You will find that you can work out every day with one day off (I do not alwasy take it but you do rest your muscles groups for up to 4 days such as upperbody cardio- lowerbody- cardio so tehre is up to 4 days of rest per muscle group.

well girls must get to bed!!! have a great day!
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