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Default I found the culprit!

I have been wondering why the weight isnt flying off me like it was last time. Im eating pretty good but have been getting frustrated b/c the weight loss is so slow. In almost 3 months I have lost 13lbs when I previously lost 30lbs the 1st month. Well last night I found the answer!

Too much sugar in my diet!!!! Although Im doing pretty good with "real" sweets it didnt dawn on me that my addiction to sweet tea was doing me in. I drink almost a gallon daily. Take a look at the numbers I came up with-it was astounding.

1 gallon of tea has 1440 calories in it and 192 carbs. I use 1 1/2 - 2 cups of sugar in it. I always bring a 32 oz bottle of tea to work (this is down from the 64 oz bottle I used to bring) that 32 oz bottle has 360 calories and 48 carbs in it. The tea has been putting me over my calorie intake nearly every day and my body isnt burning the carbs up which is turning into fat!!!

So now heres the game plan, I love sweet tea!!! I am going to start by reducing the sugar to 1 cup and add sweet n loow. Over the next week I'll slowly keep reducing the sugar amount and upping the sweet n low until I have no more sugar. Then I'll start decreasing the amount of tea I drink and increase water.

I have seen the tea mixes that dont have added sugar but I dont really care for them. The lipton green tea mix tastes pretty nasty to me.
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