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This is actually exactly what this forum is for - working out the issues that would otherwise cause us to binge. And, actually, this journey has made me much more capable of taking care of my needs, and I think learning how to assert your right to meet your needs is a great step for you in embracing what you need to do to make sure you and your daughter are safe. Colleen makes some excellent suggestions. I didn't realize he had assaulted you. If so, you need to be very, very concerned for your daughter. At one point, wasn't he a "great boyfriend," or at least good enough that you agreed to marry him? "Great father" or not, if he is violent to those he professes to love, your daughter is probably not safe with him. I absolutely agree with Colleen - get thee to a domestic violence shelter and find out what the laws are about his visitation with your daughter, given his domestic violence record. Maybe supervised visitation would be the best of all possibilities - you're not keeping them apart, but your daughter isn't in nearly the amount of danger she otherwise would be.

I am so sorry you have to deal with this situation. Good luck.
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