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Originally Posted by Kati View Post
I guess you are right Robin. I just have to DO IT. The hard part is that I have the girls and no way to get 'out' and do something. I can't very well get a good heart rate while walking with the girls. Nor can I afford, atm, going to the Y, plus no sitter for while I am there.

I do know that the the Army is nuts about keeping fit and they have gyms on the bases. They also have childcare, and the prices are based on the soldier pay. So we will be able to afford both. Maybe I can swing it with the treadmill and the yoga tapes until then. I have just come to realize that I am really wanting to do this but I have obviously not dedicated myself to it.

I woldn't dream of not changing the babies diaper, so I can't dream of missing my daily exercise. (I fight to do the dishes as well, can't use that one. Gnarf)
It's funny you brought up the diapers. (I'm nuts with the dishes, LOTS of other things as well, but that's another thread altogether ) But you see, that's exactly it. You would do whatever it takes to make sure your baby is well taken care of. Anything. I know it's incredibly hard, but that's just the way we have to look at exercise. YOU my dear, that precious babes mom, are just as important as that very precious baby. And you therefore need to treat yourself with the very same respect and tender care that you would your child. It's for your well being, which in turn affects your childs well being.

How about getting some exercise DVD's? Or even popping on the radio, crank up the music and dance away for 1/2 hour or so. Let the kids participate or watch and wonder what their mom is doing. It sounds to me like you have a treadmill at home? Well that's fantastic. Walking is GREAT exercise. And I would definitely look into the army gym. You just might find that you love the alone time.

I also like to break my exercise down into several portions throughout the day. You don't have to do it all at once. 1/2 in the morning, 1/2 hour in the afternoon or evening. Don't make it so daunting that it's something that you absolutely dread. And trust me on this, please, this is former Miss Sedentary/sit on her butt all day talking here - once it becomes part of your routine, your everyday life, it's not that bad. It really does become automatic.

I only wish that I would have incorporated all these things into my life, the exercise and healthy eating, when my kids were growing up. I wasted soooo many years of not being the mom that I should have been and COULD have been. I am glad that you are dealing with it here and now. Take the plunge, make the commitment. It's something you will absolutely not regret. If you DON'T do it, chances are, you will look back and regret it - greatly. I urge you not to let that happen.
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