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I feel fantastic!
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My best motivation is the fear of starting to feel horrible like I did before I started exercising. It took me about a month of exercising 6 days a week to be able to feel good again, now I've been at it for almost two months and I feel fantastic.

For the first month, it was tough but as I started feeling better I just didn't ever want to feel like I couldn't walk without gasping for breath ever again. I know if I don't keep exercising that is what will happen to me. Also, start out doing things at home if you find that the thought of going out to do something keeps you from sticking to it. I got started with Leslie Sansone's walking videos, I find her extremely motivating and the workouts are great for beginners to advanced. Anything that keeps your interest up and makes you not dread exercising is great to keep you motivated.

I've never been a go to the gym person, even when I was in shape I found that boring. If I'm not exercising at home I'd much rather go out for a brisk walk than go to a gym, I think maybe I'm afraid the motivation would get sucked out of me having to deal with all the muscle beach types one usually finds there

Anyway those are the things that keep me motivated, good luck and I hope you find something that works for you too


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