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It has been a great day today. l Temp got to 70+ by mid afternoon. Got out and about this afternoon and really enjoyed it. Itt's supposed to cool down the next few days but not too much..

MAGGIE Another losing week. Yahoo!!! Keep it up, we are all proud of you. It is too bad about the lady in the wheelchair. I hope all will turn out well for her. Maybe it is a good thing that she will be away from the people who abandoned her.

JEAN I hope the people cooking for your class at church are some of the better cooks in the congregation or maybe not so you won't be too tempted to overindulge.
My DH is also on the board of directors for a local assisted living home. Isn't that a coincidence!

GAIL I think it was you who asked how long we will take to get to NC. We are planning an overnight stop at Dover, DE on the way down and will visit the Outerbanks before heading to Raleigh. On the way home we will stop in Baltimore. Really getting excited about the trip. Must get to changing my closets around and check out the warm weather clothes before long. I can't believe it is only about a month away. WoW

Gloria in to change the batteries in the smoke detectors. Didn't have batteries last Sunday when we changed the clocks.
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