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Well, I live in a dorm room and refuse to get a meal plan, so I shop every 3 days for produce and once a month for non-perishables (usually when my parents are in town with a car, lol). There's a free nutritionist on campus who I've seen twice so far, and I've lost a little over 8 lbs by following her advice and the super awesome book Dorm Room Diet. My only issue is making time to get to the gym with the auditions I have to go to, my vocal teacher I see on Mondays, and restarting our campus Pagan Student Association and keeping it running. So, starting Monday, I'll be walking to every single class (easily a mile or more, and UPHILL).

Anyways, the nutritionist says 4-8 servings of grains, at least half whole grains, 6-9 ounces of protein a day, at least 3 cups of veggies, no more than 2 cups of fruit, 2-3 servings of dairy, and 3-5 servings of fats (I take 3 flaxseed oil pills a day, so I don't use a ton of oil on anything). I've been here now for 4 weeks and lost 8 lbs, which rocks! If I keep this up, I'll get to my 10% goal before I get out for winter break!

Oh, and I give myself a free day like once every 2 weeks. I don't pig out on portion sizes, but I don't let myself worry too much about calories and just have moderate fun (this is also usually when I'm with my family, like last night. See vegetarian food log).

What do I miss right now? Double churned light chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Yes, I haven't had the stuff in almost 2 months, if you can believe it. Somewhere around here on campus serves fat free frozen yogurt; I should hit that!!!!!
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