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Welcome evilwoman! Love the username!

Originally Posted by evilwomaniamshe View Post
Maintaining hasn't been easy, some weeks I do awesome, yet other weeks I yoyo and I still have an OCCASIONAL binge day where I fall off the healthkick wagon eating the wrong foods! I do give myself a 5 pound fluctuation, but I will not let myself go over 150 pounds, I always go back to eating 1200 calories a day to get back to goal weight when I get close to that number. Does anybody else deal with this?
Yep! I think we all deal with that. Over and over and over again. The trick is to keep doing it, as a fact of life.

As for how many calories to eat, we should make a sticky on that one (Meg, can we make a sticky?). The calorie calculators are notoriously inaccurate for so many people. If you've been maintaining for a while, you actually probably already have a good handle on it. If 10x your weight in pounds works for you, keep doing it.

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