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This is a horrible situation. I don't know you or your mother, or what you each said to each other, so I'm not even going to try to decide which of you is more at fault than the other. That really doesn't matter all that much anyway, since the damage is being done to you both.

I know my mother and I said some horrendous things to each other over the years, as she and her mother also did. In fact, I remember some pretty insane three way aguments as well (though usually we made up just as quickly). Since your situation hasn't been resolved yet, maybe there are some very serious issues here between you both, or maybe you are both incredibly stubborn and neither of you are willing to back down when confronted, or admit you are wrong in any way.

It's your birthday, and your Mom treated you in a way that left you feeling disrespected. You admit that you owe her $400, and regardless of how long you have owed it to her, or whether she said you could pay it back later, this means neither of you are blameless. It sounds like you both said nasty things, both had justifiably hurt feelings, and both have unrealistic and unmet expectations of each other. All I can advise reasonably, is that you live a more independent life, and seek counseling with or without your mother. An objective third party, really can help you make changes in your life that will allow you to be strong, independent, and happy.
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