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Girls, I am here with you! Doing well but Tom dropped in today with a vengence. My legs puffed up so I am now almost scared of the scale. Will I ever know what my weight is??????????

It is so funny really everything has jumped up to bounce me around but HA HA I will know eventually!!!!!

I am doing great. Very OP. I even attended a church function last week and made one of my all but the floor sweepings salads and my darlings it was huge. They wiped it out and never even used the dressings! We have a town function to go to Saturday evening and after a day of painting the livingroom who knows what shape we will be in. But I am moving , moving , moving and on my own steam. Hubbys family will be here the 19th and there is so much to do!!! I am a very busy girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I amy be here off and on for several weeks but I will be here as much as possible. Love you all.
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