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G'Mornin my WEEDies. I should be at the gym but I am NOT feeling it. <WARNING excuses ahead!> Today was Robert's first day of 2nd grade (!) and I worked last night, got him to school (the bus whizzed right by us? HELLO!?) and got home so tired I fell asleep in the recliner instead of going up to bed and now I'm still tired, and my neck is all wonky. Plus I only have like 15 pages left of the 5th Harry Potter and would like to finish it and pick up the next one today. But I'll go, I PROMISE, after dinner. I think I'll just wake up now with my girls and a cuppa coffee.

Audie you are BLOWING US AWAY! Way to go blasting your goal out of the water! You are AWESOME!

Clykky, really now. Easy running?!? Isn't that an oxymoron? GOOD FOR YOU! I love, love, love, that even if you don't feel like you're completely on plan, that you're still running! And you know how the rest of us feel about running. LOL That's so great. And ahem, Audie, you DO NOT have to "wait until you are a reasonable size" to start running! Of course,all my jiggle doesn't run, but I've seen some big people running.

Glitter!!! I see you, buried under all those schoolbooks over there! Is Amy under there too!? How's the first week of classes? When's your first test? Oh and I have done TBL a while ago (I was on a winning red team) I gotta tell ya, though, if I go into too many challenges, I either burn myself out or just don't commit enough to one of them. I'm usually a hit-or-miss poster anyways, let alone trying to keep up. I know, I know, what a whiner. I'm more of a lurker and a WEED girl. I get though, that you can never get enough support. Good luck to those of you all who do it though! I'll peek over there and watch how you do!

Amy, have I toldja lately how PROUD I am of you~getting this back to school thing together at what seemed like the LAST minute and look at you now! IN CLASS! Yeah baby! <---new emoticon just for YOU! Maybe you'll find weight loss easier in a way, you'll be really structured, in a routine, and you won't get bored enough to cheat or do the mindless eating thing. Whatta gal! OMG our A/c went out a couple of nights ago too, apparently the filter needed changed and there was actual ICE on the unit and on the thing outside. Luckily, the evening was cooler (DH said it was still too hot but I was okay) and we got it fixed that day, changed the filter and waited for the ice to melt, LOL. I love that smell your house gets opening the windows, but not when it's so hot and muggy. And I can't imagine living where you do without AC! Ohio at least can get cool enough!

GRAMMPAULA, where are you?! Freckles!? Freequegirl??? RowdyBliss(SUZ!)??

Musictchr! So lucky you have another week before school starts! I can't wait to hear after your first day, all the compliments and fusses you're going to encounter! You are going to feel so great! You're doing awesome! And I'm right there with ya, weighing in every day. It's frustrating but it helps me be aware of the sodium/salt I take in and how it affects my daily weights. So nothin wrong with that, if you can handle a little fluctuation, eh? I'm afraid of how I'll feel floating around 198-202 lol, ONederland, OutofONederLand. It'll be a harrowing time, won't it.

Jen----hey girlie, I saw you pop in there! Glad to hear you've been exercising~ how frustrating the gym being closed for maintanence that ONE weekend. Of course, to me that would've been McDonalds time (LOL just kiddin!) but good for you! I keep thinking that now it's getting cooler maybe I should try this whole c25k thing, and take the running to an OUTDOOR track. I didn't know you hurt your back! When I worked at the factory (did I tell you guys I spent two summers as a WELDER while in nursing school? People think that's hilarious!) my back hurt all the time, we wore those industrial back support belt things that look like abdominal binders with criss cross backstraps. I loved my visits with the chiropractor though, except for the cracking part. Good luck with that, though, I'm always nervous messing around with a bad back. Luckily, losing weight and getting stronger has helped and I don't have any pain anymore. I LOVED those Heat patches 12 hr of heat but I'd get too warm to sleep or work in them, but they felt so GOOD. AND I didn't know you were a tattoo mama! Your newest ink sounds cool! I SO SO SO SO SO want a tat, but just want it to be so perfect, so unique, and I am a bit afraid of the pain, but I'll do it! Maybe when I hit Onederland or some equally important goal.

OMG I'm tired. Anyone I missed? I'm sorry! I am missing some of our friends though! Off to finish HP
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