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LK- A huge welcome!!! I like your name. Stars are a great visual motivator. I have never been to vegas.

Hey Sue that is true, you are a dedicated exerciser and have built so much endurance etc. Are you still seeing the cabana boy?


Day 2 report.

I am sad to say that I ate 2 not 1 but 2 pieces of cake. To be honest with you I could have rolled naked in it ( sorry for that visual). .

BUt I m aback on track, of course it is only 5:30 am and how much trouble can I get into? My plan for today is strictly Atkinsish. The metal taste is gone teh scale held at 229# this am. SO I probably won't see a loss this week.

Will let you know how the rest of my day goes tomorrow.

Good luck everybody.

Any more lurkers want t o sign on?
I am worth the time it takes to be healthy!

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