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Good morning everyone! Thought I would post in a row again so we could get bumped up closer to the top.....hate to see us fall close to the bottom of the stockpile!!!

How did everyone do yesterday? I did OK except for the bowl of Ben&Jerrys ice cream I ate after dinner....but like we always say....clear the slate and start fresh today right!!! I hate it when TOM gets within a week of appearing because I get a major sweet tooth and last night it struck hard!!!

It looks like it might be a somewhat nice mild day here in Massachusetts so maybe I can get outside with Kail. I hate keeping him all cooped up in this place but the other problem is that there are SOO many dogs in our little development(landlord has 3, 4 neighbors have dogs) that the lawns have poo all over them and I DON'T need Kail falling in it!!! But maybe we can venture down to the walking path!!!

Hope you all have a great day!!! Take care....LisaL
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