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Oddly enough, the easiest change for me was eating far, far fewer calories. When you're only eating 20-30g/day of carbs, it's really hard to go overboard on calories. For example, I feel like I was kind of piggy today, but I still only ate 18g/1120 cals! Now, when I bbq half a dead cow for dinner it can go up quite a bit, like 1800 if Ihad other caloric stufff during the day, but even then it's usually about 1500-1600, not all that high.

Keeping the carbs down is pretty easy too, since lo-carb has eliminated all my craviings. For me, now, an outrageous splurge is 1/2-1 cup of sliced strawberries with Splenda and a couple of tablespoons of heavy cream. I always did like pouring cream over strawberry shortcake a lot more than I liked whipped cream.

Of course I'm not perfect every day with the carbs. But I'm very mindful, and my slack is in having an occasional 1/2 whole wheat pita (15g) with tuna salad in it, or sauteed beef & nonions with chili powder iin a carb smart tortilla (10g).

Hard? Like lots of people, consistent exercise. Going to the gym helps, cuz I'm getting to know the regulars. Another hard: not snacking at night. Some days I save something for a late snack, like a low-carb muffin (4g), or some strawberries with cream. I was having an Atkins bar at night sometimes, but I'm not doing that anymore. Giving up coffee wasn't hard at all, since I've refused to even consider it. They can pry my full cup of coffe from my cold, dead hand. And even then, the corpse may fight back.

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