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Originally Posted by 2songbirds View Post
what is it exactly that makes caffeine so bad while doing atkins, other than it causes unstable blood sugar levels and can make you crave sweets? Just for my info...
From page 189 of Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution:

"Stay out of the java jungle. Excessive caffeine (found not only in coffee, but, in tea, chocolate and many soft drinks) has been shown to cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) reaction which will provoke cravings and cause you to overeat. Omitting caffeine may be a big sacrifice for you, but, in my experience, weight loss usually starts up again as soon as people remove aspartame and caffeine from their regimen."

ANYTHING that is going to provoke cravings and cause me to overeat is off limits for me! This WOL is about losing weight....not about defeating the purpose by consuming anything that would prevent that. JMHO
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