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Slim Fast, and many other websites, don't allow you to send in your personal information (even if you are sending in for a free sample of deodorant) because of the age-it has nothing to do with how old you are concerning a diet. If you went to a beauty website and tried to join their mailing list, a lot of times they have you enter your birthdate as well.

It is a safety feature that they use, so that kids and teens can't give out their personal info online.

Also, I would like to second Suzanne's opinion. I am small framed, and 5'7", which is actually a tad over average height for a woman. (5'5" I think is average...) and when I am at your weight I am darn near perfect.

At 5'10", you are definitely not fat at all. The key is not losing more weight in your position, but getting more fit-changing your body composition so that you have more muscle mass, and less body fat. You can do this with regular exercise-BUT-you have to do it properly, and eat to feed your muscles. You can't build muscle (to get firmer) without eating properly.

You also have to allow the body rest as well-because that is the time where the muscle rebuilds and repairs itself between workouts. (Which is why I don't recommend you exercising 6 hours a day, that you mentioned in your earlier thread.) Your muscle needs that rest time to improve.

Basically, you have to eat right, and give the body rest, in order for your workouts to be productive. If you don't, it is like trying to run a car on empty.

Start weight after baby #3: 233.9
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