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Since we're still on the topic of pets, just got back from the vet and Penny broke her back right tooth -- no clue when she did this -- and they have to extract it! Wow, sure didn't see this coming but now her non-chewing on that side, her complete and total avoidance when I would try and brush or even look at it, the discoloration ( I really thought it was just plaque although now I believe it is more from the tooth partially dying) and the reddish gum all make sense. I saw the gum several weeks ago; it was red and sore looking but she had been chewing away on her nylabone and I thought she just rubbed the gum raw. The tooth it split going up into the roots so there's no alternative but to pull it. Expensive fix. Hmmmm, state college for the kid is looking better and better all the time, since her tuition is literally going to the dogs!

Allison, I hope your pups are ok! I can't stand the thought of anything happening to our dog either. I knew a girl in high school whose cat ate some geranium leaves and it left the cat w/some neurological problems and he was off balance from it. Hope you figure out what the problem is.

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