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Hey, Allison. I'm concerned for your dogs. Poisoning can make their back legs not function correctly. Many years ago, one of my dogs got into the garbage and got food poisoning. He vomited quite a bit and his back legs were weak. Also, about three months ago, I thought my 14 year old poodle had a stroke. We came home to find him unable to walk straight,he was falling over and he had gotten sick everywhere. Also, he couldnt hold his head was tilted. Turns out that strokes in dogs are very very uncommon. He had something called idiopathic vestibular disorder. Its some kind of inner ear disorder that happens a lot with geriatric dogs. Unfortunately, many dog owners euthanize their dog because they think they have had a stroke or have a brain tumor. Most dogs recover fully or recover with only a slight head tilt or a slight balance problem. I'm happy to say that my dog fully recovered.
I hope your dogs start feeling better soon. CG - sorry that your parakeet had to leave. I know how difficult this is on the little ones. Last month, my youngest lost one of her gerbils and my oldest lost one of her mice. Its rough when that happens.
- Rhonda

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