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Oh boy, Clydegirl, sorry about the parakeet. We have two and it would be very quiet without their constant chatter in the background. It's kind of funny, my husband has his own business and when he has business calls from the house, I always wonder what the clients think with the parakeets chattering in the background. Then, if he's outside, they can probably hear the roosters crowing, ducks quacking, geese honking, etc. VERY professional!! ha!

Allison, I don't know what could be wrong with your dog, but I think you might be right about a possible poisoning. I'll hope for the best for you! We have so many animals around here. I would miss them if they were gone.

Glad to see you again Kimush! I hate getting new computers because I just don't have the desire to learn new computer things. I used to love it, but now I just want it to work the way I think it should work!! I don't want to be reading manuals!

Hey, Jo, you and I have similar days planned. I took off work today and tomorrow just to get this all done. My son is at 6th grade orientation this morning. I'll pick him and his friend up at 11:00, then it is off to doctors appts for both kids, and dentist appts for both kids. Tonight is "back to school night", too, so that will be fun. Then tomorrow we have lots of organizing to do!! Getting ready for back to school next Monday!!!!! Oh yes!!!!! I'm so thankful!!!!!
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