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Originally Posted by Azure View Post
I would save my money on the slimfast shakes and talk to a nutritionist instead. Many hospitals have nutritionists in residence. I don't know if you have health insurance, but if you do, often psychiatrists AND nutritionist visits are covered. Take the initiative and set an appointment up for yourself. You're 16--and I don't know if you drive yet. If you do, take yourself. If you don't, make the appointment and either get a ride, take public transit/a taxi or tell your mother that you already have an appointment and need her to give you a lift.

A Slimfast shake is 220 calories per can. Assuming you get 200 calories worth of nuts and have a piece of fruit and a vegetable, your plan's only got you consuming about 1050 calories a day--definitely not enough (especially if you're exercising!). A nutritionist will be able to tell you how to do what you want to do in a healthy way.
wow i didnt know that(that meal calories. ). thanks. i do have health insurance actually.

I dont drive yet though. Rule in my house that says you cant drive until 18 and u can get a permit at 17. I might look online and see what i can find though.
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