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Studies have shown that teenagers who diet are much more likely to be overweight or obese adults. Instead of dieting, it's recommended that teens increase activity, and just make better choices like cutting out the junk.

Keep in mind that weight loss diets are restrictive, and not suitable for someone that is still growing - even if just on the inside.

So I can see their point, and it's all based on a lot of research and experience Regarding the system not allowing you to lower you goal, that's there for a reason, too. Keep in mind that it's based on medical knowledge, and they know what they are talking about

It sounds like you are unhappy with your body. You are right, numbers aren't everything, and maybe you are focusing too much on the scale, especially since you don't seem to recognize that your scale is saying the right thing for your height. I hope that wasn't too blunt

Do you think you are just not in shape, so maybe you need to build muscle? You are definitely not fat. Do you feel flabby? It's easy to feel flabby or out of shape without needing to lose weight. The solution would be to eat a more nutritious diet and lift weights to improve the body.

I completely agree that you would benefit from advice from someone experienced to help you with what you are going through. We've had a lot of members that were helped at Maybe you could check it out when you get a chance.

Good luck
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