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Default slim fast plan for teens. none :( big rant.

I went to the slim fast website and got really excited about it. Their site is really organized and well thought out

well i cant join. because im under 18! I just think thats a bunch of bull. Why do so many diets make it so you have to be 18? I mean does something magical happen to your body on the day that you turn 18 that makes it automatically "ok" for you to do any diet plan? I mean who are they to judge what time your body is ready to be on a diet plan?

i find that with a lot of plans too. i wanted to try adkins. over 18. nutrisystem? same.

blah. i lied about my age anyway because that what i do every once in a while if i don't see the big deal

then i find out they want me to MAINTAIN my weight, not lose any and that i cant even lower my goal because their system doesnt allow it.

whats up with that?! who are these "people" deciding that my weight is okay? Isnt it up to me to decide that?

Bmi is a bunch of crap because it doesnt even consider the amount of muscle/ fat composition you have in your entire body and i think its ridiculous hwo everyone uses that system as some sort of diet guide when it can easily be wrong. I mean isn't it up to YOU to decide what weight it perfect for yourself? Not some dumb system made by some scientist who probably wasnt even overweight once in his life and didn't take into consideration that some people are healthy at 120 and 5'10 because they are born that way and some one who weighs 170 at 5'10 is. NOT always healthy. they might actually appear extremely overweight and need to drop 40 pounds depending on their frame and how much fat they are hogging around.

Frankly, all this diet plan stuff is making my head spin. im going to take a walk lol


PS: I know my weight is healthy for some but i have a small frame anyway
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