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The package really needs to say 100% whole grain or you can just look at the ingredients. I try top buy breads with the least amount of ingredients. I don't like much sugar or salt in my bread.

I usually by sprouted bread (in the fridge/freezer section). Actually right now I'm eating my breakfast - two slices of Ezekiel bread with peanut butter. I buy the raisin one that has a better flavour. The ingredients are very straightforward sprouted wheat, raisins, sprouted grains (barley, millet), sprouted lentils soybeans and spelt, water, yeast, sea salt and cinnamon. They also make a tortilla and other types of breads (buns, English muffins, etc). It is not made with flour at all.

But you don't have to get all fancy with the bread just read the ingredients and the nutrition facts. I look at the fiber, sodium, sugars, and protein and calories last.

As for the pasta, I'm at a point where I no longer taste the difference. I once cooked it a couple years ago and just tossed it. Now we only by whole grain pasta. We buy Healthy Harvest pasta or another organic brand that I can't remember the name of it (the packaging is very simple). I think the secret behind whole grain pasta and brown rice too is that it is some what difficult to cook right. The water has to be boiling rapidly before you add it and then you sort ta have to watch it like a hawk. It can become pretty yucky if it is overcooked or undercooked. You might just have to give it time too.
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