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Default Pasta - False assumption!

Wow do I feel humble now. I had for years made a false assumption about pasta. I was looking at the label on a box of "normal" pasta, which I rarely buy, and noticed it had more protein than I thought it did. (7 g per serving.) I thought I was making better choices by buying whole wheat pasta or brown rice pasta but not necessarily? I guess I thought that just because traditional pasta was white, that it was like regular white flour which is pretty useless. So I got on FitDay and looked up different kinds of flours. Turns out semolina flour (which normal pasta is made from) has 21 grams of protein per cup, more than white flour (13 grams per cup) brown rice flour (11 grams per cup -- brown rice flour has less protein than plain old white flour!!!???) and whole wheat flour (16 grams per cup). I am in shock. The whole grain flours do contain more fiber, but I am really surprised about the protein in semolina.
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