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I've been waiting for this. "A fresh start" once again.

Here we go again.

As for my plan, most of it is in my signature, but here's more details...

- At least 5 fruits/veggies a day (I'm trying to get into a good habit of eating fruits & veggies, since I usually don't)
- Under 1500 calories per day.
- No fast food (If I go to a fast food place I'll get a salad)
- No soda pop
- No candy
- No eating after 9pm (trying to get rid of my midnight snacking habit)

- At least 64oz a day

- Walking 6 days a week
- Weight training 3 days a week
- Cardio workout DVD 3 days a week (on days I don't do weights)

My Goal for this month: I'm not setting a weight goal for the month, just to do the best I can each day, stay strong, and not give up on myself!! I'm sure if I do that, I will lose some amount of weight, how little it may be.

8.11 4pts. Got all my water. Did a kickboxing video today. And so far, under calorie limit.
8.12 4pts. Got all the water. Barely under my calorie limit, but still UNDER it. And I've done alot of walking at work today, so I'm counting it!
8.13 4pts. 30 minutes of a dance aerobics!! Go me!

Total points to date: 12

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