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Battle-I had a survival training course instructor that once said in front of the whole class, that I would outlast all of them. All I had to do was hide until the rest of them starved to death, and then I could eat them. Iím sure he meant it as a compliment, but I guess in a way I did prepare for Y2K, I just had my disaster supplies stored on my thighs.

Heather-We think about the big changes the most, but it is the hundred smaller ones. Yesterday at the mall, I had to go pretty bad. I had waited too long trying to finish a chapter, and when you take water pills, sometimes it can really sneak up on you. When I went into the bathroom, the only stall was a small one. I still prefer using the handicap stall not so much for the extra space, but for the grab bar. I can still have trouble with my back getting up off a very short toilet. Anyway, I just used the small one, without a second thought. It used to take acrobatics to get the door shut on those before. I practically had to get up on the toilet so the door would go around me to shut. Yesterday, I didnít even think about how easy it is to shut the door now until I was washing my hands and caught a glimpse in the mirror of a woman having trouble getting it shut behind me. Sometimes when I see someone like that in public I want to talk to them, tell them I understand where they are, and offer them hope, but I never do. I wouldnít have liked someone doing that to me, so I donít do it to other people.

John-That tight as a drum skin thing is kind of scary isnít it. Just wait until you start looking like a Sharpei. Thatís what my husband calls me at times. We have lots of underground walkways here that I can hit during the winter, and there is always the mall. No one walks much outside here when it gets to 40 below zero. Thatís where C and F intersect, so US or Canada, thatís cold.

Amy-Something else that I lost when I had to start using a wheelchair is pacing. I used to think or work on speeches while pacing. It was almost a tension reliever, and when I couldnít do that, it really affected me. I replaced it by rolling my chair 6 inches forward and back. At little league games where the score was close, Iíd practically dig a trench with the wheels. The summers here can get quite hot, especially in the southern half of the province. It has been in the low 90ís all week for our Capital Ex, which is basically the state fair. Last year attendance was down because it was close to 100 for the 2 weeks. The biggest difference here over Florida in summer is that there is a lot less humidity, and only large commercial buildings and very new homes have air conditioning. Plus the homes just arenít designed to allow air movement. 9 months of the year we donít want the outside air coming in, so the windows are like submarine air locks with two doors or windows with a big space between. It would actually be impossible for us to add window air units to our condo. They do sell a lot of these portable air units where instead of the whole unit sitting in the window, only a flexible exhaust pipe goes out. Even with that, it would be a major hassle to try to work it out with our windows. It rained last night, so things are pretty cool right now. I do my housework in the morning before it gets too hot, and then head to the mall for the heat of the day.
When it comes to your friend, I follow the ďlove the sinner, hate the sinĒ course. Be her friend because she obviously needs one, but do not aide her indiscretions in any way. Call one of the womenís shelters, and get a schedule for outpatient/group therapy. At those places it is usually always free, and it sounds like she needs to get some help with self esteem issues to find a better way of dealing with life. She doesnít have to be a resident at the shelter to attend. Go with her to show her that someone does care about her. Most service 2-3 the number of women that they can actually shelter. She needs to find other things to fill the void in her life besides men who abuse her or take advantage of her.

Jill-One small step at a time works not only when you are just starting out, but also when you are picking yourself up again. Iíve had to do that so many times, that Iím surprised I have any skin left on my knees. Staying out of 7-11 and McDonaldís is a huge victory.

Bbybear-Iíve heard people say they can go without an hours sleep everyday for the rest of their life if it means they can actually have a life. Thatís when the sun comes up around here in the summer, so I should be able to do the same thing, but I just donít start good in the morning usually.

Ammi-I guess 7 is not your lucky number. It is amazing how quick I can gain weight too. I watch ounces come off slowly, but if I put my mind to it, I could gain 100 pounds by the end of summer. Wow thatís scary even thinking about it. I think that I can use the bike again. Iíve got some rigid bottom cheerleader shoes that Iím going to use. I just have two obstacles, fear of pain, and himself has practically started using it as a desk. The seat is covered with paperwork. Iím going to dump it all in a box, and put it in his desk chair.

Brenda-My husband made me keep a pair of my biggest pants. They are up on the closet shelf. I should get them down and put them on just for the heck of it.

Iím half way through 3 loads of laundry, and then I have about 3000 words to type, then it is off to the leather couches and air conditioning of my mall.
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