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Hello everyone..

I had a good weekend of FF despite being at the hospital yesterday. I took a Lite with me for "emergency" and I ended up using it. Today, I am back on regular program. I am eager to weigh in tomorrow..

I actually find it easier to stay on program on the weekends during the summer. I think that it is all the fresh veggie and fruit choices which makes it easier (I live in New England). Berries have been on sale a lot the last few weeks and as you know, those are an ideal fruit for program. One trick that I found is to take blueberries, one serving (1 c) or even two to the movies and "munch" on that instead of being tempted with movie popcorn. It works very well.

My mother is still in the hospital but they will be moving her to an acute skilled unit soon. She is on IV antibiotics for cellulitis and will need to continue that therapy for the next 2-3 weeks.

Oh well.. back to work and everyone have a great week on plan! Suzette
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