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Question Does it take 1 hr. cardio a day to lose last 10?

Hi Everyone,

I am 5/2 and weigh 132 currently. This is a heavy weight for me. I am more comfortable and happy in the 120-125 range. My best friend and I had a conversation recently about what it takes to lose weight. She threw out the thought that everyone she has ever known to lose a significant amount of weight has incorporated 1 hr. or cardio a day. What do you think?

I know it is really a matter of calories in/calories out. I eat about 1700-1800 calories of healthy food a day. I have made attempts to diet (counting calories, WW, etc.) but I feel as though dieting does not benefit me ultimately. I end up overeating as a response to feeling restricted. I wonder if I am better off just eaing sensibly and upping my exercise.

I am a teacher and I am off for the summer. I have gone from no exercise to doing the elliptical 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes and doing strength training with videos (Minna Lessig or Tamilee Webb) twice a week.

Would I maybe lose weight by upping my exercise intensity and just keeping my food the same??
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