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Default Daycare babysitters for your exercise time?

I just moved and am trying to find daycare. I work at home so it's harder to find someone to work with me on varied hours and times. The local gym doesn't have daycare like the ymca that I was a member of in my former town. The ymca is 20 minutes away and I could still drive there twice a week with my boy - they have daycare until 8 pm which is nice. And I like working out evenings. I am building a mini home gym with dumbells and I have an indoor cycle that I like to ride. It's just I miss the social part as I work alone at home - and the peer pressure of others working out. The gym here is a nice new one, only $33 per month with no commitment so I could wait to join in the fall/winter as we are quite active outside.

My boy is three - I'm just wondering what others do to get in time at the gym, outdoor cycling, etc? I also have a horse I'd like to ride. I'm a single mom, love my boy, but I was so independent for a long time. I just feel so tied down at times. I haven't had my boy in daycare for awhile as the last woman at home was screaming at kids, but I know he'll enjoy other kids. There's a drop in daycare at $3.50 per hour and then we could commit to more days, ams are preschool activities. I'll have to schedule my workouts coming and going to daycare either in the am or early evening at 4:30 or so. I can't seem to exercise much in the am as it makes me sick other then maybe 20-30 min of cardio, I like my weights in the late afternoon or evening. Maybe I could find a neighbor/teen to help evenings so I could ride my horse again. My boy is active and we ride bikes together, I can do walking while he's at parks - I just miss my own workouts - I'm a bit of a loner.

Just venting and trying to figure out all of this and set up a new schedule.

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