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Oh, ok - so your situation is actually much more like ours than I thought. It is much simpler if you don't have to worry about one whole family being pitted against another.

When my husband sat down with each of his parents (separately of course) and told them that they weren't welcome if they didn't behave, each had the same response, basically saying they would never start anything (in other words, if any animosity came out, it would be the others "fault"). He told them that if either of them misbehaved, he would never talk to either of them again. He meant it too.

If you can psych out the mothers, you might be able to turn it into a "who can be the best behaved" contest. If they're competitive, each of you could "confide" in the other's mother that you have concerns about your own mother's behavior at the wedding, saying something like "I know you would never act so shamefully at your (son/daughter's) wedding, no matter what your personal feelings were about the person."
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