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Oy! That's a tough situation. I feel for you. I can relate to where you are coming from in some sense. I dated a guy whose family I didn't really get along with. His mother drove me nuts. I remember I was dating him the last time I lost a significant amount of weight-- she would always be so offended and rude about my never eating at her house (she cooked so fattening, ick!) I always just made excuses not to eat there. Anyways, his family criticized me. I know how that feels and it is a tough situation. I-obviously- am not marrying him because it didn’t work out. So I wish I could give advice in that regard.

I also know what you mean because there are people in my own family who I would much rather not be there when I get married. The destination wedding is really a nice idea---if you can feasibly afford it. My sister did that and only a few people, the people she really wanted there (though some she did couldn’t afford it) showed up. The others just used finances as a way of getting out of the wedding and everyone was ok with that. Otherwise, like it was already stated, you could try talking to people ahead.

Good luck!
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