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But see, I don't know how a small ceremony would help, because the primary animosity would be between my mother and his mother..His mother is the one I worry about the most because she LIVES for gossip and starting drama..very negative and catty. She's a "stay at home mom", who hires someone else to do her cleaning, and the one son who is not old enough to move out stays with us or his grandparents half the time..So her primary occupation iis to start drama. (Did I mention she recently relocated from a town two hours away from us to the same city we live, and about 5 minutes away???)

A small ceremony would mean no people to distract our immediate families from killing each other LOL. I am thinking I will either go big, so they can easily avoid each other (and tell FIRMLY we DON'T want them there if they are going to start trouble, and it would be best if the two families didn't fraternize) or we will run off and elope(which I really don't want)

Thanks for your input!
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