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Default How to have a wedding when the two families hate each other?

I won't be getting married for a couple of years yet (waiting til we are out of college), but this has been weighing heavily on my mind lately.

I have always imagined this huge, southern wedding with lots of food and people, but I fear I will probably not be able to have it. My family and my fiancee's family hate each other. It's such a long story, I don't think you all would understand if I tried to explain it. I just can't imagine them being civil to each other long enough to allow us our day of happiness. His mother is constantly talking bad about me, and telling my finacee that he should find someone better...and even though I know that has never crossed his mind, it hurts to think someone thinks so poorly of me. I have been nothing but Molly Sunshine to that witch, and she continually repays me by slandering my name to every person she meets. I wouldn't even WANT her at my wedding.

They just seem to think they are so much better than me and my family because they were born into money, although his mom and dad managed to squander every penny they had, and now live in a trailer (not that there is anything wrong with that, it is just a huge jump from the big fine house they had before)

It is not like I am some homeless money hungry bum...I am from a middle class family that has always lived comfortably, if not just a little pinched for money sometimes. Why can't they see me for the person that I am, not the family that I come from? I have goals, I am going to college, I am making my OWN way in life...

There's a ton more to the story, but I don't feel comfortable discussing it openly.

Anyway..Just wanted to vent, and see if anyone had succeeded in having a nice wedding in a similar situation...
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