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Hey Kiddo ~ sounds like you have been placed with and have placed a lot of "weight" upon your shoulders.

Don't give up those outstanding values you have. Values and morals like that will keep you strong live the other way some of your friends "may" have gone will certainly turn out to be no good for them. All of those things you listed can only harm you...I know...I have done a few of those in my past.

I am proud of you for setting your standards high! If friends of your choose to be "away" from you for that...well....probably not much of a loss really.

What your ex is texting you is not you forever...gonna marry you...this is really odd. For him to be hurt because he is leaving and to truly not want to hurt you can very well be true. I would ask him to not text me anymore. If he is gonna go...then GO!

Kiddo, I mentioned it before and I don't want to irritate you but it really sounds to me like you need to get involved with youth that have the same ~ or try to anyway ~ have the same values. I live south of you in north San Diego county...I know there are a lot of churches between us with large groups of kids your age...could be a new good start for you...

Just trying to help ~ Gary
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