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Originally Posted by Ethereal View Post
As for colours, I'm not sure I've ever seen a kitchen done in "cold" colours, so I would go with a warmer colour over your lovely green. You could mute it down with a subtle golden brown colour (green and gold look great together!), or experiment VERY CAREFULLY with green's complimentary colour, red. Adding a very thin, transparent layer of red will take a lot of the vibrance and saturation out of your green, because opposing hues on the colour wheel cancel each other out. If you mix them equally they'd make a really muddy, ugly colour, so if you try this be cautious.
I think the cool colors are a nice change of pace. I would be VERY VERY VERY wary of adding any red to this..though it is the compliment color it could very easily turn into a disasterous X-mas kitchen or a muddy grey mess in no time. The only thing I might consider was underpainting with red, let dry, then painting completely over with green to make the green more rich. But that solves nothing, and it's a technique used primarily in paintings..not house decor LOL.
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