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I think that's a great colour! But I can understand how it wouldn't be for everyone.

I did a quick search online and found a brief summary article on some faux painting techniques:

If you need more detailed instructions for what you're looking to do, I'm sure Google can be very helpful, or maybe a member here with more experience than I can contribute.

As for colours, I'm not sure I've ever seen a kitchen done in "cold" colours, so I would go with a warmer colour over your lovely green. You could mute it down with a subtle golden brown colour (green and gold look great together!), or experiment VERY CAREFULLY with green's complimentary colour, red. Adding a very thin, transparent layer of red will take a lot of the vibrance and saturation out of your green, because opposing hues on the colour wheel cancel each other out. If you mix them equally they'd make a really muddy, ugly colour, so if you try this be cautious.

One of my absolute favorite colours to pair with green is vivid orange. I just think they look so stunning together! However, as much as I like the combo, I wouldn't recommend it for a kitchen.

What about you and your husband? What colours do you tend to prefer?

Good luck with it, and have fun! I can't wait to paint and decorate my first home.

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