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Default Colon Cleansing

I disagree with Suzanne 3F. Colon cleansing is essential but if you are doing it to lose weight forget it. Unfortunately there is a lot of misleading information out there. I went to our local health store and got their recommendation on which one to use. I am a strong supporter of Natural Health procedures and have not been sick since incorporating this into my life. If people want to believe it is a farce, so be it. I know too many people who do colon cleansing a couple times a year and they say there bowel system works differently afterwards. The best example I can give you is one of my husband. He was having bowel problems for 6 months with doctors finding nothing in tests they were running. I finally convinced him to do a 10 day colon cleanse. Well guess what, he started feeling much better about 7 days in to the program, after 10 days all his symptoms were gone. He's been fine ever since and now he agrees that Natural Health treatments deserve more recognition. We've never lost weight from a cleansing and you really don't want to. Colon cleansing are used to remove impurities, not weight loss. Hope this helps.
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