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I think for the most part if you are talking morbidly obese, to deny the link is ludicrous. If you are talking obese......well, then fitness, nutrition may balance it some. If you are talking "overweight" well, then I do submit that at some point BMI is only a rough approximation and while you can make assumptions about the "overweight population as a whole" you absolutely cant about individuals. Lifestyle factors are absolutely more than weight.

BUT.....and this is small samples so not statistically significant at all, from my own observation there is ALSO a point at which the morbidly obese (note I say obese, not overweight) seem to also struggle from illnesses that are not technically lifestyle diseases. For example, I have 2 very close morbidly obese friends. In the past year they have both been hospitalized for things that are not technically due to their weight. BUT whether its from difficulty of care, stress on the immune system, or maybe flat out shoddy care from prejudiced doctors (I do firmly believe that the obese receive a lower standard of care overall) the fact remains that they are ill more often than most people, have more complications when they are ill, and are ill far more often than when they were merely obese.

Will EVERY obese person become ill, of course not. Just as every smoker doesnt get lung cancer and every sun goddess doesnt get skin cancer.

But I do NOT believe that the CDC is part of a "conspiracy" with the diet industry.

I'm sorry, of all the chapters this is the most ludicrous. Conspiracy theory?

I think health is a complicated curve and of course there are multiple factors, but I think there is pretty overwhelming evidence. Her "you cant trust THOSE statistics, but here, trust MINE" argument is pretty laughable.

What next? Type II Diabetes is just a sign of the burgeoning health of our youth?
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