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Well, ladies I blew it last night eating and drinking! I won't get on the scales for a couple days. We went out with friends which included a couple drinks & more food than I planned on...then went to another place which included homemade apple pie and homemade ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only good thing I did yesterday was walk 2 miles with my dvd.

I haven't felt like this for a long time, sluggish from over doing. Not a good feeling....kind of a "food hangover". I didn't eat a lot at one time but just thru out the night and sweet things which I hardly ever eat.

Oh well, this is a new day!!!!

Moxie, Disney is always crowded but holidays are the worst times to go and summer because all the kids out of school & it is just too hot & humid then. We are hoping Oct. will be cooling off but still warm enough to swim which it should be. We live 2 hrs. south of Disney so we are driving up next week to check out the time share we are staying at to make sure it's a good one. It's a Sheraton so it should be nice.

Yes, Cat life moves along and things son moving from Fl. to So. Carolina will be a big change for all of us. I am so use to seeing him a couple times a week.....he's the last one to move away from our home so it's going to be hard on me, I don't even like to think about it. My hubby says he was already "out of the nest" now he is "leaving the tree"!

Anyone else going to join the July challenge? Never to late, at this point it is only me and Lynn and we just helps me be to be accountable.

Make it a good one! Phyllis

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