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Wow no Fourth of July smilies -- well no matter Happy Fourth to all my American GOLDEN GIRLS!!!!!

I am sure you are all enjoying a fabulous day with family and friends (I am here at work LOL). I still keep forgetting to weigh myself but I feel so good in my clothes etc I don't want to ruin the great feeling. I will put my morning story on my blog today -- I really should be more diligent with my blog.

Karen - my late husband was a "practical" man too. I learned very early he wasn't romantic in the normal way -- gifts were few and far between. Now my sweetie is beyond generous and he loves being romantic - its rather nice at this stage of my life. Both men have fabulous qualities and its interesting to say the least.

Lynn - what an awesome catchup you did with the group -- I am not worthy LOL. I also have a thyroid problem and until your friend gets it under control weight loss is next to impossible. It took almost a year but my doctor was diligent about getting my meds correct. Your vacation sounds like it was wonderful - glad you enjoyed the lobster and the pictures are wonderful. I am trying to get my pictures into photobucket but until I have time on my computer at home it will still be a while. For some reason all the pictures we took are all at least 2mb (arghhhhh).

Zoe - vent away - that's what we are here for. Weight loss may have brought us together but this is truly a fabulous group of caring wonderful women and I am pleased that we all feel free to let loose when its needed. Ok this may not be what you want to hear but here goes (I am going to duck LOL). My sweetie's parents were divorced almost 30 years ago -- it was ugly and the damage to the kids is still evident (both were to blame in their own ways). I have only met his father twice and once was at a wedding last year with both parents attending (talk about tense). I do gently try to get my sweetie to try and reconcile with his father. My goodness he has (half) sister and brother he barely knows the names. But I still feel he only has one father and if he doesn't reconnect in some small way there could be regrets in the future. Estranged parents is a poignant topic with me -- we missed out on knowing my mom's mom because of an ugly divorce -- turns out we missed out on a great lady. I lost my own dear dad several years ago and from what I can see my sweetie's dad isn't horrid -- he just made the stupid mistake (stupid stupid jerk) of cheating on his wife - -but he loves his kids. Ok off

Bobbi - where in BC is your friend located? You just never know sometimes with online relationships. I have met friends face to face from North Carolina and New Zealand. I was actually involved with a great guy from NYC - during one visit he took me to Hooboken NJ and drove me past his cousin's old house. I called my mom to tell her and she called my aunt who was from Hooboken -- turns out she lived two blocks from his cousins and knew the family -- its a small small world sometimes.

Big hi to Moxie, Linda, Phyllis and Theresa. Lyn I know you are off vacationing. I should check back on the old posts -- didn't Paula have a website for her costumes? Lynn making a database of our e-mails is fabulous - I think I sent you mine once -- let me know and I will resend if you still need it.

Mrs C better get serious!!!!

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