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Smile Hello

Well haven't been here for awhile. Had to put my toy poodle Kasha down last Friday. She went into congestive heart failure and went downhill in 5 days.It was so sad and I miss her so much.
I started dieting again with those capsules Alli. Haven't suffered the so called treatment effects. Has anyone tried the dressings that you spray ? I think they are made by Seven Seas. They are very good and basically few calories.
Ann, I hope DH makes a speedy recovery. My friend has atrial fibrilation and she's on coumadin to stop the blood from pooling in her heart and to avoid strokes.
We are still trying to get this house ready to put on the market which here is practically dead. We are looking and still don't know where we will relocate.
The weather here is nice and cool and we are enjoying it.
My son is looking to rescue a Great Dane and he passed the the home study. I think it's easier to adopt a child than a dog.
I miss Florida cause being home in NJ has been very stressful.
Time to do some housework-catch you all later.
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