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I am feeling better...not much but some. I am laying out a game plan. My invite list keeps getting longer. DH spent like $500 on fireworks. I am disgusted, but glad someone will enjoy them. To me it's like blowing up a $100 bill.

I have a rough shopping list. DH said he'd get our tent from his uncle (it's one of those sun shade kind of thinsg for parties, no sides). I'll borrow chairs and table from the church if they don't have anything going on. My mom and an aunt are each bringing a dish. My sil will probably bring something.

I plan to clean one room a day and maintain those rooms while I clean the others then people can walk through my house. I work tomarrow off wednesday, work thursday off friday, so I should be able to get stuff done. Wish me luck!

My BIL is not using his printer for the summer so I am gonna steal it. That will buy me a couple of months before I need to buy one.

The van should all be paid for since it's warrenty work, but it's gonna be a pain getting it in.

DH's truck is the big cunundrum. It maybe as simple as rechanging the filter in the transmission b/c they screwed it up. Or it could mean a new transmission. Which is totally thier fault b/c it worked fine until the changed the fluid and filter.

I'm gonna try to function without a microwave for a bit. They don't cost much so maybe in a couple of weeks I can get one.
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