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Originally Posted by ennay View Post a point I DO believe the set point theory, I can't tell you how many times I returned to exactly the same weight regardless of behavior....until I abused it enough to shift setpoint. But my set point crept up about 10 lbs every 3-4 years--I dont buy that is all "genetics". Yes maybe I am predisposed to be on the higher end of healthy, maybe even slightly overweight....but I do NOT believe that I was supposed to be obese.

It bothers me that she is making the comparison with height in a way that indicates that our "natural obesity" might be an ideal state and what nature intended. I just dont think evolution EVER foresaw an environment of limitless refined chemically enhanced non food product.
I've been wondering about that, too. On an evolutionary level, it just doesn't make sense. The only thing that was ever totally screwed up in nature is (pardon me, but frankly, isn't it true?) what Man has touched. The rest normally tends to function as intended (okay, save for the dinosaurs getting extinct). Limitless refined foods certainly were not intended. So are there really natural setpoints of 200, 280, 320... lbs? Or is it just us who, aided by those crappy junk foods, have managed to push those setpoints up and up? I'm not sure if there's an answer to that, but I'm still wondering...
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