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G'day all,

Looked after the grandchildren yesterday and flopped into bed at 7.30 and of course I am now up and it is only 4.30 am

Gloria what a lovely way to spend trying to avoid the heat. Good for Jack having a swim though that sounds a bit cold to me as well.
I am sure your friend Toni enjoyed your visit.

Ann pleased all is good with your dh again. One would think they could organise it a bit better so he didn't have to go without food for that long, I guess it won't really hurt but it seems unnecessary if they had operated first thing in the morning.
Looking forward to hearing what you think of Holly's new room etc when you get to Virginia.

Glenda eventhough I am home now, I still keep an eye out for your weather, Oklahoma has had some horrendous weather. It might mean you will have a great summer, hope it did not drown Leon's orange flowers
Your question about bathers....I wear a one piece swimsuit, I don't stop traffic wearing it but it is OK. That is the best part about grandkids, they think you are wonderful whatever you wear.
I am sure you will look fine in a swimsuit.

Jeney I have noticed the bad flooding in the East part of your state, weather is very strange the world over. I am loving coming back to our winter but will look forward to spring again as well. All seasons are good but heat I can cope with for only a short time.
I guess it is vital for you to do something about your weight if you have been diagnosed 'a pre-diabetic'. Get your WW books out and WRITE everything down that goes into your mouth, that is what works for me.

Slavika what a great idea for you to start a blog, if you are serious I can help you set it up. Just have a go, it is free and fun to do. Your digital camera will come in good use as well when you upload photos of Patches.
Would have liked to have seen the trail of toiletpaper, you could have photographed it and uploaded it to your blog!!!!

Hello to everyone else...I must fly and start on a project that I have for a customer.

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